QuickBooks is a very popular accounting program, but is your data safe?

One of the items that is very near and dear to our heart is backing up data. As an IT Pro Service center, our #1 priority is to safeguard your data. Of particular importance is accounting data. As QuickBooks is arguably the accounting software of choice for a majority of small and medium sized business here on the Island, the question of backing up constantly comes up (Or at least it should). Here are a few tips to consider:

As with any backup solution, ensure that it is backed up to either removable media or a remote location.
QuickBooks has a built in backup, it is always ok to use this as a secondary backup to your primary one (You are only as good as your last backup).
Ensure that you retain several backup versions, ideally going back about a week or, preferably, more. The reason for this is that as a database program, corruption can occur without you noticing it until a particular record is hit. If you need to restore to a specific point in time to re-enter accounting data due to unrepairable corruption, then having multiple backup sets spanning several days or weeks could potentially be the difference between re-entering a few days as opposed to a months worth of work, or more.
Once in awhile it’s a good idea to run a verify on your data to sort out any potential issues before they become an unrecoverable problem.

Easy Access Consulting has been supporting QuickBooks for well over a decade and can advise you on installation and maintenance.

We also provide online backup options to safeguard your data.

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